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Schuler Lift Chair Installation

Alpha Care Supply installed and showed this elderly couple how to use their new Schuler Chair Lift that we installed.


Excellent Service By Alpha Care Supply

On Monday morning I called your company because our stairlift, purchased in July 2010, was not operating properly. My father who is wheelchair bound was returning home from a hospital procedure later that afternoon. Every staff person I spoke with made a genuine effort to help and responded with courtesy. A service technician came to …


Stiltz Lift Installation Nassau County

Last week, Alpha Care Supply installed this Stiltz lift at a residence in Locus Valley in Nassau County. We are noticing more and more aging seniors opting to have residential elevators installed, which economically provides the seniors or those needing assistance convenience like never before. This through the floor elevator can be quickly and …


Steel Ramp Installation Glen Oaks NY

This Black Steel Ramp, Installed by Alpha Care Supply, in Glen Oaks NY, was to allow for easy access into a woman’s home. She was no longer able to get up and down her steps safely, and required an ADA ramp.


Stair Lift Installation Bayside NY

This Stair lift, Installed by Alpha Care Supply in Bayside NY was for a woman whose parents could no longer get up their stairs. Because there is a closet door along the side of the stairs, Alpha Care Supply had to install a manual hinge rail on this stairlift. This allowed the rail to get …


Door Removed For Handicap Access Floral Park NY

This door was removed and the wall opened by Alpha Care Supply in Floral Park to allow for easy passage for the woman’s husband into their den while in a wheelchair. Her husband will be coming home from rehab and wanted to make sure her house was ready for his needs.


Handicap Shower Remodel Floral Park NY

This shower remodel done by Alpha Care Supply in Floral Park NY for a woman whose husband is coming out of rehab and can no longer taken even the smallest step into the shower.  The shower was recessed into the floor so that the only step is to get over the shower door track.  Alpha …


Bruno Stairlift Installation Long Island NY

This Bruno Stair Lift was installed by Alpha Care Supply for a woman on Long Island NY who could no longer get to her second floor safely.  In order to be able to use her whole house, and stay in the room she had been in for many years, she needed a safe way to …


Stairlift Installation Long Island NY

Alpha Care Supply installed this stairlift with an automatic hinge for a woman on Long Island who was just coming out of rehab and would not be able to get up and down her steps.  This installation started is a rental because her hope is that she will once again regain the ability to go …


Wheelchair Ramp Installation Glen Cove NY

Alpha Care Supply Installed this wheelchair ramp for a woman who was no longer able to go up the steps into her home in Glen Cove NY.  This ramp allowed her to easily get into and out of her home on her own without the fear of falling down her steps.  This open mesh ramp …

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