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Salt Pool Myth

In his video called “Saltwater Swimming Pool Myth,” Dr. Russell Betts of Go Chemless, puts the myth to rest. If you’ve ever heard of a Saltwater Swimming Pool, then you’ve probably heard of “Salt Chlorinator,” “Salt Cells,” or “Salt Generators.” Most people believe these are all saltwater swimming pools, but in reality, they’re just like any other backyard pool.

Betts breaks down the chemistry behind the common myth that there is no chlorine in these saltwater pools. He explains that the molecule hypochlorous acid in chlorine is needed to keep the pool free of contaminants. The only difference between a saltwater pool and a regular backyard pool is that the saltwater pool makes the chlorine for you.

Yes, you won’t have to put as much chlorine in but the pH level has to be checked constantly. Betts suggests a biosanitzer pool to ease the stresses of chlorinated pools and bring down the number of injuries they cause per year.