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SystemRoMedic™ – RiseUp600EE


SystemRoMedic™ – RiseUp600EE

Extra strong, optimal for very heavy lifting

RiseUp600EE is a mobile sit-to-stand lift developed for helping the heavier user, as gently and comfortably as possible, to rise from a seated to a standing position. When RiseUp600EE is combined with the appropriate lifting accessories, even a user with much reduced ability can have the satisfaction of being able to stand and activities such as transfers, standing exercises and toileting also becomes easier for both user and caregiver.

RiseUp600EE is made of steel which makes it strong and stable. It lifts heavier, bariatric users, weighing up to 270 kg/600 lbs. The legs are slightly curved, providing more space for a wider wheelchair.

The battery is of high capacity and many lifts per charge can be performed, which means that charging is needed less frequently.

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