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THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!. My daughter Laura N called 911 on Friday and the EMT’s were so happy to see the ramp. Then one of them wondered if they would be able to get a gurney up and down it. Just then, another EMT said: “Here it is.” They mentioned that whoever designed and built this ramp should be congratulated on how easy it was to get the gurney up and down it.
When her Pulmonologist found out that she finally got a ramp, he was estatic. He couldn’t believe that she had finally received one. He mentioned that this should help to improve her life and that is a wonderful gift.
Betty P


maria_testimonialIt is truly the greatest gift ever! That is, your kindness and professionalism as you graciously assisted me in my 7 month quest to obtain a handicap ramp at my Mom’s home!
The compassionate, professional installation team of Ronnie and Mark was such a terrific blessing! From their professional installation to their training for myself and my Mom’s aide, it was truly a wonderful experience!
Thankyou for your kindness!
*This testimonial was unsolicited and is an example of the customer service Alpha Care Supply strives to bring to our clients.