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Walk-In Bathtubs by Alpha

Has your bathtub become less safe than it used to be?

You’re not alone. Each year several million senior citizens have falls within their own homes with results in a high prevalence of hospitalization for fall-related injuries for older adults.

And, one of the rooms in the home where many of these falls take place is the bathroom. The combination of wet feet standing inside a slippery bathtub, a wet floor, and climbing in and out of a conventional bathtub without grab bars can actually be a very dangerous recipe.

Have you ever considered how much safer a walk-in bathtub with grab bars would be?

Our HAMPTON line of walk-in bathtubs come standard with heated air jets or water jets to provide you with a relaxing, soothing experience of heat, buoyancy, and massage that cannot be replicated. 

  • Spa jets provide increased circulation, relieving sore muscles, and providing arthritis relief
  • Different size models available for almost any application from large to small
  • All tubs have a lifetime warranty on the watertight door seal
  • (2) safety grab bars provided with every tub
  • ADA compliant seat height
  • All faucets and hardware are included
  • Extendable shower head included for normal showering as well
  • Automatic purge cleaning cycle to blow out air lines, eliminating unsanitary water and germs
  • Our professional plumbers can remove your existing bathtub, handle any modifications that need to be done, and have your new walk-in bathtub installed in one day!
  • Designed to fit into the same space as your existing bathtub
  • Relaxation, luxury, and safety

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