Often called a porch lift, a Bruno residential vertical platform lift is a cost-effective home accessibility solution to give scooter and wheelchair users an alternative to entryway or deck steps.

An affordable solution for individuals and caregivers who need assisted access to a porch, Bruno’s VPLs adhere to our commitment to quality while delivering another category of solutions “for your independence.”

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With a 14-foot (4343 mm) height capacity and the ability to carry up to 750 pounds (340 kg), the Bruno VPL can take you to many levels. This sturdy, easy-to-use vertical platform lift provides safe and reliable accommodation for your wheelchair or powerchair and ensures the most precise solution for your mobility need within its two series of models: the VPL-3100 and VPL-3200.

  • Weight capacity: 750 lbs (340 kg)
  • Continuous pressure rocker switch on platform wall for easy operation
  • Automatic self-lowering folding ramp for simple boarding and exiting
  • Non-skid platform for wheelchair or powerchair balance
  • Weather-resistant unit coating and controls for durability under any condition
  • Safety sensors for obstruction detection
  • Emergency stop switch on platform wall for ensured safety
  • Champagne-colored finish for sleek design
  • Made in the USA

Options for both the VPL-3100 and VPL-3200 series:

  • Multiple platform sizes and configurations:
    • All platforms available in the following sizes:
      • 36” x 48” (914 mm x 1219 mm)
      • 36” x 54” (914 mm x 1372 mm)
      • 36” x 60” (914 mm x 1524 mm)
      • 42” x 60” (1067 mm x 1524 mm)
  • Platform gate – Encloses lift for controlled access onto platform at lower landing. Mechanical interlock releases gate at lower landing and electronic sensors prevent platform from operating unless gate is closed.
  • Top landing gate – Encloses lift for controlled access onto platform at top landing. Mechanical interlock releases gate at upper landing and electronic sensors prevent platform from operating unless gate is closed. Option also includes call/send switches (either push-button or paddle control) and keyed on/off switch mounted into gate frame. Gate height available in 36” and 42”
  • Platform canopy – Removable canopy covers lift and keeps platform dry. Canopy cannot be fitted to a 90-degree platform
  • Landing call/send station – Call/send station at landing of choice with a keyed on/off switch
  • Paddle controls – Ergonomic paddle controls on platform for easy, comfortable lift operation
  • Cold-weather package – Improves lift performance when operating in temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-7 degrees Celsius)
  • DC battery powered – Equipped with back-up battery for extended use during power outage. This is a standard feature for platforms that lift 10-feet or higher.

Options for VPL-3200 series only:

  • On/off same-side platform
  • Telephone kit
  • Stationary ramp for lower landing – 3” (76 mm) tall
  • Power-assisted door gate operator

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