The Stiltz Trio Lift is a modular, ergonomic mobility platform that can provide vertical transit for both luggage and persons within a work and home environment. Due to its size increase from the Stiltz Duo Lift, larger items can be transported between floors, and individuals with standard wheelchairs, walkers, and rollers will find it easily accessible.

  • Available in three models: The “Classic”, “Vista”, and “Thru Car”, there is a model for every situation and every home layout.
  • Having the smallest footprint of any wheelchair lift, the Stiltz Trio Lift is sure to provide little obstruction in the daily routines of its users.

More Info

  • Weight Capacity: 485 lbs. (220kg)
  • Powered by 220-240v AC wall outlet
  • Installation takes 1-2 days on average, with little to no obstruction or change to your home
  • Built-in safety sensors prevent Out-of-Balance and Overload, as well as overspeed detection and complementary light curtain
  • In the case of power outage or failure, the Trio lift comes standard with reserve power in the form of a back-up battery
  • Single or Double-entry Thru-Car alternatives are available to fit your specific customization
  • Fitted with clear polycarbonate walls (Vista), and solid white walls (Classic)
  • Drive: Roped drum, braked gear motor drive
  • Power Supply: 220 – 240v AC / 5 Amps – will work off 110v with step-up transformer
  • Weight Capacity: 485 lbs. (220kg)
  • Maximum Travel Height: 13’1″ (4m)
  • Maximum Speed: 6″ / second (15cm/second)
  • Safety Features:
    • Out-of-Balance and Overload detection
    • Over-Speed detection-prevents lift from accelerating beyond safe parameters in both directions
    • 4 x 3w LED downlights that activate and remain on throughout the duration of the lift being in use
    • Full height Light Curtain when half height door is installed (Optional full height door)
    • Interior emergency telephone for use in the highly unlikely event that the lift stops mid-travel
    • Hold-to-run Controls to ensure the rider is full control of their lift
    • Emergency Stop Button labeled clearly in front of the rider for easy access
    • Fall Arrest Mechanism for use in the unlikely event that the steel cables suspending the lift fail
    • Weight Limit Sensors that detects and prevents mobility of objects weighing more than 485 lbs.
    • Top and Bottom safety sensors that detects obstructions below and above the lift, causing it to become immobile
  • Platform Configurations
    • Single Entry (Classic)
      • Full Width: 40 15/16”/ 1040 mm
      • Full Depth: 47 8/16”/ 1206 mm
    • Double Entry (Thru Car)
      • Full Width: 40 15/16”/ 1040 mm
      • Full Depth: 47 8/16”/ 1206 mm
  • Fold Down seats
  • Interior Grab Rail
  • Full Height Door
  • Finishes:
    • Stiltz Trio Classic — Standard white exterior with front glass paneling with dark brown carpeted interior
    • Stiltz Trio Vista — Clear glass front and back with cream colored interior, and white side paneling

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