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Home Elevator Woodmere New York

Alpha Care Supply home elevator innovates in the world of private elevator field. S the largest dealer in the NY metro region, we represent Stiltz Lifts who designs and constructs one of the best residential elevators on the market today, delivering superior quality proposing superior quality, craftsmanship, and designs that smartly and efficiently incorporates’ into the new or existing structure. Alpha Care Supply’s globally friendly, contemporary residential lifts help you and your family members transfer between floors with ease. You can experience the style and elegance of a home elevator without all the hassles and unnecessarily exorbitant expenses of traditional elevators. These home elevators can be fitted virtually anywhere in a 2-story home thanks to their small footprints, self-contained drive mechanism and dual rail technology. Designed to make life easier, these home elevators will help you stay in the home you love when the stairs become too much to bear. When it comes to lifts and ramps Alpha Care Supply is the right company for you. Alpha Care Supply is a fully licensed and properly insured independent living solutions specialist for over 25 years located at 21 Stringham Avenue, Valley Stream in Nassau County NY and 1361 Lincoln Avenue, Holbrook in Suffolk County NY. Our professional team is available for service Mondays thru Fridays from 8:00 am up to 5:00 pm and available 24/7 for emergency services. It would be a great pleasure to serve you and your loved ones. Please call us at (516) 568-3010, Toll Free: (866) 291-7039, Fax: (516)-256-3442. You can also email us at info@alphacaresupply.com or visit our website https://alphacaresupply.com and our Facebook.


Home Lift Woodmere New York

In North America, home lift should be built to meet certain code requirements that control such things as the speed, size, and capacity. Most home lift needs a shaft-way in which to move. Contemporary designs introduce automatic operation so they open, close and move down with single touch buttons. Home lift is a perfect and affordable substitute to a stair lift and lets you keep your stairs the way they have always been in your house. It is also more profitable compared to moving house or creating changes to your existing property and can add value to your home. The variety of home lift by Alpha Care Supply are designed and engineered to the highest criterion by our expert team. Alpha Care Supply is in the business of providing the highest quality lift products and services. It inherits the classical international design concept and deducts a luxurious dream in your home art. Alpha Care Supply is dedicated to providing superior customer service with an emphasis on personal customer relationships. Our strength is our employees’ dedication to teamwork, commitment to excellence, and focus on continuous improvement. A private residential elevator or home lift is a specialized type of an elevator. Our company, Alpha Care Supply is now in two locations: 21 Stringham Avenue, Valley Stream- in Nassau County, NY and 1361 Lincoln Avenue, Holbrook in Suffolk County NY. Our professional team is available for services operate Mondays thru Fridays from 8:00 am up to 5:00 pm. and available 24/7 for emergency services. It would be a great pleasure to serve you and your loved ones. Please call us (516) 568-3010 and Toll Free (866) 291-7039 You can also us Fax: (516)-256- 3442 or email us at: : info@alphacaresupply.com or visit www.alphacaresupply.com and our Facebook.


Residential Elevator Woodmere New York

Once only for the rich and famous, a residential elevator is now an inexpensive luxury to make the home barrier at no cost and convenient. Residential elevators by Alpha Care Supply can improve your lifestyle if you are looking for a quicker and more convenient way of getting between floors. The Duo Residential Elevator is the perfect substitute to a stairlift or conventional hydraulic lift. Capable of taking two passengers between floors below 30 seconds, the Duo offers independence and flexibility that cannot be fitted with other residential elevator products. The Trio Residential Elevator is our groundbreaking wheelchair lift and is perfect for the less ambulatory. Larger than the Duo elevator lift but still compact, the Trio can accommodate a standard-sized wheelchair plus three people and is also ideal for users with a walker. This can also relieve everyday tasks like lugging laundry and groceries between floors. Alpha Care Supply is always looking for the newest information, the best traders for its network and the best ways to exhibit this to the millions of people who are considering for all kinds of mobility supports every day. We have proudly attended so many people by matching their needs to the right information and to their local experts. There is a lot to deliberate in the decision process, and the investment can be important. But the right investment can bring wonderful independence and freedom! You may visit our website https://alphacaresupply.com for inquiries. Our team services operate Mondays thru Fridays from 8:00 am up to 5:00 pm. Alpha Care Supply is at your service whenenver you need. Call us at(516) 568-3010 Toll Free: (866) 291-7039 Fax: (516)-256-3442 or email us at: admin@alphacaresupply.com. We are more than willing to serve!


Residential Lift Woodmere New York

AlpaCareSupply.com provides a wide variety of American-made, quality stair lifts to meet your needs. Alpha Care Supply offers residential hassle-free lifts. Our company is passionate about improving your home’s worth and livability. As of the moment, we are handling three Residential Lift Models. A residential Platform Lift, Bruno VPL which is sometimes called a porch lift is proven to be strong and durable. This Vertical Platform Lift model can secure and efficient access to your raised deck, porch or basement for your home. Individuals who are in wheelchairs, scooters and ever power chairs will be able to enjoy a quiet, smooth ride from one level to another and can access up to 14-feet. This is built and designed by Bruno's master artisans that are dependable and safe that reflects the simplicity of their operation and design. Harmar Vertical Platform Lifts (VPL) is a great lift option for both indoor and outdoor access. These residential lifts are built with quality and pride. Harmar engineers designs and manufactures these residential lifts for the simple goal of helping people to gain personal mobility. Harmar lifts are American manufactured and made which is a leading producer of vertical lift systems in the United States. The Savaria V-1504 eliminates the barrier of stairs. It is safely built to carry a passenger up and down to one or more levels. It had built the perfect solution from basic to the most luxurious residential homes with versatile designs that can complement your home. AlpaCareSupply.com is proud to be a Savaria dealer for residential lifts systems. Our company adheres to our commitment to give quality products while delivering another category of providing individualized solutions. Contact us through email at admin@alphacaresupply.com or you may call us (516) 568-3010 Toll Free: (866) 291-7039 Fax: (516)-256- 3442. Our prompt service is what you deserve!


Through-the- Floor Lift Woodmere New York

The term through- the floor lift is used to define a local lift for the elderly or disabled which goes through the floor from a ground floor room to a higher floor room. They are often referred to as Wheelchair Lifts or Home Lifts. With through- the floor lifts the lift car is either partially or fully enclosed and usually travels up and down a wall-fixed track/s. Partially enclosed cars allow the user to see outside and may be more appropriate for users with claustrophobia. The doors on both completely and partially enclosed carriages are electronically interlocked as a safety precaution so that they cannot be opened when the lift is in motion and the lift will not move if the door is open. This through-the- Floor lift is only fractionally larger on the outside than it is on the inside. The operation is simple; having called the lift from the simply accessible wall control switch, a push of the applicable direction button signals in the car to travel up or down. The opening ceiling panel is automatically lifted or replaced on the way. To exit the car, simply follow the procedure in reverse. Our company, Alpha Care Supply offers the services and installation right to your location. It would be a great pleasure to serve you and your loved ones. We have 24/7 available for emergency services. Contact us through email at admin@alphacaresupply.com or you may call us (516) 568-3010 Toll Free: (866) 291-7039 Fax: (516)-256- 3442. Our clients deserves the right to be served.


Through-the- Floor Elevator Woodmere New York

Alpha Care Supply is a supplier of through- the floor elevators that are designed for flexibility, safety, and independence. The advanced design of the group of experts of Through- the Floor Elevator carefully valued and considered valued benefits to consumers and improve their quality of life and dignity. We are flexible in installing Through- the Floor Elevator to various locations. We are also a dealer of Stiltz Home through- the floor lifts that is specifically built to fit into your existing home. A Stiltz Home Lift may be the most cost-effective option than the inconvenience of moving to another home. A standard wheelchair, powerchair, and a maximum of three people can be carried with comfort and efficiency. Through- the the floor elevators are smooth running, very quiet and simple to operate. Both of these elevators does not need a wall to support it. This will require less time and minimal construction because of non-utilization of a hoistway during installation. Our modern and innovative through the floor elevator functions on a guide rail system through a floor cut-out. We offer various designs and colors that will blend into your home’s décor that will add a modern appearance to any one’s home. Your safety also matters to us that is why our elevators have complete safety features which include alarm buttons and emergency stop, battery lowering in case of power interruptions, telephone non-skid platform and much more. We have different cab sizes to fit in any space in your home. With over 15 Years experience in the Industry Alpha Care Supply team will definitely get the job done right on the way you wanted it to be. We have 24/7 available for emergency services and you may call us at (516) 568-3010 Toll Free: (866) 291-7039 Fax: (516)-256-3442 for inquiries. Or you may visit our website at https://alphacaresupply.com for more information.


Shaft-less Elevator Woodmere New York

Through the advancement and innovation of technology in the field of Shaft-less elevators home elevators have significantly become a functional addition to any home. Alpha Care Supply provides the ideal solution for those who have difficulty and discomforting everyday dilemma in climbing stairs and moving bulky and heavy items on a daily occurrence at home. Our Home elevators are shaft-less and compact that occupies no more space than an armchair and will easily fit in any typical floor plans. We supply Wessex Shaft-less Elevator which does not require a hoist way. These shafts-less elevators are designed using the latest technology by Wessex group of experts which are designed for flexibility, safety, and independence. We want to improve your mobility by using our home elevators. A home shaft-less elevator will definitely eliminate your average leg-work in traversing your house, therefore, increasing your level of comfort at efficient mobility. We also supply Stiltz Trio that is economical and at the same time spacious. The site preparation is relatively easy. Shaft-less Elevators rules out stairs accidents which include tripping, slipping and falling out and the small children and less mobile individuals are specifically at risk. The Home elevators have built in essential security measures that contribute to a more safe and secure addition to your home. For more features, options, and information you may visit our website at https://alphacaresupply.com.


Shaft-less Lift Woodmere New York

The Shaft-less Lift is an inexpensive way to add an elevator to any two-storey home. The small footprint and shaft-less design permit it to easily fit in typical floor plans. The construction is very minimal, keeping the costs low. This enclosed glass cabin travels through a hole in the floor and runs up and down a pair of rails. It has a capacity of 375 lbs. The standard cabin size can fit 1-2 persons but this does not fit a wheelchair. Its travel speed is 30 ft per minute and travels up to 13 ft. The Shaft-less Trio is just like the Duo, only a little larger. The Trio also has a choice to add a clear polycarbonate panel to the back of the cabin. The Trio is big enough to accommodate a wheelchair. The capacity is greater than that of the Trio with 485 lbs. This suggests that you can park it upstairs when you are downstairs, and vice-versa, leaving nothing but the railings to pamper the scene. Since there is no shaft, it incorporates sensors at the top and bottom that will automatically shut down descent the moment it touches a surface. Features include a security device that will inhibit it from moving unless the door is closed, built-in lighting in the cabin, and an onboard battery that permits it to be used in spite of a power failure. Alpha Care Supply offers the best shaft- less lift in town. We can easily be located with access to major highways such as the Southern State Parkway, the Cross Island Parkway, and Sunrise Highway. Please call ahead so that we can give you the time you deserve. Our team service operates Mondays thru Fridays from 8:00 am up to 5:00 pm. You can pay a visit or inquire online via our website https://alphacaresupply.com


Vertical platform lift Woodmere New York

A vertical platform lift is designed for low-rise travel indoors or out. With its durable design, the vertical platform lift is popular for accessing decks and porches even in demanding climates. At the center of the vertical platform lift, is the reliable process of the ACME screws drive or hydraulic which brings precision movement and performance you can count on day after day. Handling up to 750 lb this vertical platform lift can carry a passenger in a wheelchair with ease. It has a range of safety features guarantees safe operation including sensors to stop the lift if it senses an obstruction. The original screw and nut drive system offers a safe, quiet and environmentally friendly solution. It is completely self-contained. The vertical platform lift gets rid of the need for any separate machine room or pump box housing. Going upstairs no longer means leaving your wheelchair or powerchair. Whether you need a vertical lift to conquer steep slopes or an incline lift for your staircase, you will find the best solution that empowers safe floor-to- floor travel and full use of your home. Alpha Care Supply is strategically located in Valley Stream, NY. Our team services the complete New York Metro Tri-State Area. It would be a pleasure to serve you and your loved ones. Please feel free to stop in and say hello to us at our modern showroom in Valley Stream. We can be easily located with access to major highways such as the Southern State Parkway, the Cross Island Parkway, and Sunrise Highway. Please call in advance so that we can give you the time you deserve. Contact us @ Phone: (516) 568-3010, Toll Free: (866) 291-7039, Fax: (516)-256- 3442 or email us at admin@alphacaresupply.com and one of our lift experts will help you decide which platform lift and accessories are correct for your application.


Porch Lift Woodmere New York

Porch lifts sometimes called as Vertical Platform Lifts (VPL) or Deck Lifts. Porch lift usually considered when it is impractical or unwanted to use a wheelchair ramp. Alpha Care Supply is an independent vendor who strongly believes in providing high-quality services with outstanding access to and experience within all manner techniques and equipment will ensure that our clients are comfortable, safe, and independent and satisfied with their relationship with us. Alpha Care Supply is always readily available to deliver, source, set- up, install our equipment with proper care, and will. Currently, we have three available residential platform lift models. Bruno VPL is a rugged, reliable and affordable porch lift solution for caregivers and individuals who need access to a deck or porch. A residential porch lift has separate up and down push-button switches that can provide access to a raised home deck. Harmar’s Residential Vertical Platform Lift (RPL) is an economical, safe and smooth solution to the barriers like staircases, porches and other elevation problems around a home; it is build to accommodate most residential application with relative ease. Savaria V1504 VPL porch lift features an extremely versatile design that is suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. We have two Commercial Platform Lift Models available. Commercial Bruno VPL provides easy access to stages, short distance, and porches that are affordable and weather-protected for inside or outside applications. Savarias’s Commercial Vertical Platform Lift, are engineered to help various people to gain personal mobility. Savaria V-1504 porch lift provides individualized solutions for an individual who needs mobility assistance. Not all dealers are equal but Alpha Care Supply puts their customer first because we believe that our job does not end with a sale. Alpha Care Supply is a full service safe living solution distributor and installer, located at 21 Stringham Avenue, Valley Stream, NY. Our team services operate Mondays thru Fridays from 8:00 am up to 5:00 pm. It would be a great pleasure to serve you and your loved ones. We have 24/7 available for emergency services and you may call us at Telephone: (516) 568-3010, Toll Free: (866) 291-7039, Fax: (516)-256- 3442 or email us at admin@alphacaresupply.com or visit our website https://alphacaresupply.com


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